Text of Our Leader’s Speech

My Fellow Citizens,

We find ourselves together, this moment in October, to look back on what was known as Judgment Day. When the good, the believers were swept, as expected, into the heavens, leaving us to await our more distressing fate on this lush and lonely globe, with no change in our status as beasts of self-knowledge and pain.

Except, of course, for the sudden improvements in our ability to get along, both as nations and individuals. And the galvanizing of our resources to meet the issues that face us daily; that threaten us with varied forms of disaster, avoidable only if we greet them with reason and strength.

It seems the loss of our finest individuals has motivated us to be who we were not. Thus, things are good, if not quite perfect, and there is increasingly a sense of heaven here on Earth.

Perhaps our punishment for not being what more godly men demanded we be was to plow ahead, doing the hard work of living in this filthy, tangible world. But I suspect you feel, as I do, that we got the better part of this deal. Just as Adam did when ejected from his Paradise.

One thing is certain. We know not where our ascended brethren are.

There’s no reason to believe they were not just as good as they said they were. And as they said we were not.

Presumably, they have been rewarded. While we are forced to go on.

But strangely, in the absence of their certitude, our ability to consider all options has served us well.

And here we are, some five years later. Still awaiting our fate.


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