Um …

I guess when you speak with your fingers, injuring your neck from too much typing is like laryngitis — you gotta rest your voice (neck), so it can recover. But I gotta sing! (type). That’s why I came to this tin pan alley. I can’t rest my neck. I can only stay quiet so long.

Now I can’t type above a whisper. I’ve tried holding my hands at the proper angle but there’s been nothing to help me. Instead, there’s a thing here that’s just, fucking, in the way. I’ve been resting the back of my netbook on it, to give the keyboard a better ergonomic slope. If it’s in the way, it might as well make itself useful.


It’s a thing for holding your wrists up while you type so that your neck doesn’t hurt. I never noticed, thought it was just a thing. And I’ve been getting worse, while the answer sat for weeks in its place below a keyboard on this guy’s desk, right in front of me. I’m using it now. Helps a little.

But will I ever again be able to play the violin?

Or to box?

Will my fingers sing or will they talk with the metallic gravel of an artificial larynx?

Will I have to hold one of those devices to my neck so that people can hear me typing?

And will I be able to smoke through a hole in my wrist? (Could be a reason to take up smoking.)


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  1. Alan Kupperberg

    Feel better!

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