Fragile Today (Or So it Seems)

Used the sit-up machine in the park. It was wet but, hey, a man knows how to take it. Gotta start the rebuild, after all; no reason to delay. Got off quickly, though, ’cause I used extra virgin olive oil to moisturize my skin and was afraid the sun would cook me.

No loss. I’m planning on walking up and down the stairs sometime, anyway, and that’s a protected, indoor activity through which I’ll be dry and won’t fry, as the kids in my imagination like to say.

Had coffee and chocolate at a friend’s place — The Doctor, I would call him, if I called him anything — to further facilitate my body rebuilding, after which I returned to a comfy little room with an electric space heater, fan-assisted.

Snug as an insect, if you know what I mean.

But I think the heater started to cook me.



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  1. Alan Kupperberg

    It’s Your World.

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