But who cares about that?

In recent days, I’ve found myself in what may be the most Sound of Music-y area in the world!

First, I heard a girl, walking with her family, singing Edelweiss and then, close by, mere days after that, another girl, maybe 17-20 years old, singing I am 16, Going on 17 while waiting for a walk signal. Even I contributed to the S of M quotient, da-dee-dumming the same tune as I moved along the thoroughfare.

Who knows? Maybe someone heard the first girl and started to hum, then someone else heard it and the Music traveled continuously from person to person during the days between my first encounter and my second.

Maybe someone heard me and the Sounds of “Sound” continue there still.

Could be that the first girl wasn’t even the first.

Could be there are multiple SM strings crisscrossing like a sonic cat’s cradle through these few, rarefied streets.

And in case you’re interested, though I did consider walking from Hammersmith to Heathrow, I found someone via web access at Westfield on Wednesday who could give me the cash to get to the airport on Thursday.

We would meet at Starbucks, Thursday, ’bout noon.


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