I realized that even with no calling ability (and no coffee),

I could — ’cause my phone had free Twitter access — tweet a direct message to someone who could then call the originating number of the call I’d missed, find out who it was from and convey to me the information via call or text. (For North American readers, in the UK you can receive calls and texts on your cell phone even if there is no money in your account.)

Thus my “landlord” in West Yorkshire dutifully informed me, using this patented mulitichannel transmission method, that the call was from comic, warbler and spats-wearer, Earl Okin.

So, THAT’S why the number was familiar. He was one of the people I’d attempted to contact when seeking a way to the airport, as he lived in the area and (so to speak) had a car. I could safely ignore him now. And since the call was not from the woman I was awaiting, I could relax and not drink coffee. She would be there at noon.


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