I didn’t have the advantage I had a year ago

when I had long overstayed my visa and could have escaped the kingdom by being deported. True, I didn’t want to be on a list, but this time ’round, a fear of my father’s reaction to wasting his money made deportation seem like a preferred if elusive option. There wasn’t really enough time to get to the airport, anyway, so, maybe, fortune permitting, I’d get arrested if I walked through that hole and they’d cast me out as undesirable.


I’ve read the Daily Mirror and know that no one gets thrown out of Britain for that. If I wanted a free flight courtesy of the queen, I’d have to stick around for months.

Maybe I needed to just walk through and see if I could get on the tube, putting off the issue of how I would get out ’til I got to the Heathrow end of the line.


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