Forgive Me My Trespasses

I moved toward/to/not quite through the open exit gate.

My forward motion, once I reached the outside edge of the gate, may have been continuous, but at a pace so slow as to look, to the naked eye, like stillness. Or I may have been hovering for a moment at what incorrectly appeared to be ground level. In any event, before I was fully through — and had I ever even committed to slow-brazenly going through? — I was spoken to.

By a voice.

From a person.

Which didn’t have to stop me, ’cause if I spoke back, I didn’t necessarily have to stop. But scanning the area constantly with my eyes as I moved (without movement) had probably not been such a good idea. The voice (from a person) asked what I needed.

Well, I needed to get through without somebody noticing me or stopping me.

So at this point, then, I needed a new plan.


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