Sausage Meat

He wasn’t being a shit. There was another, perhaps better, way to go (at least if you’d already gotten off the tube). A FREE train, the continuation of the Heathrow Express

But I had to get to the area. On foot. And there were like three different versions of the train, with mine, I believe, the third one scheduled to come. In like eleven minutes or something.

Then, in the vast terminal, where the fuck was Kuwaiti Air? After traversing the entire hall, I finally saw a sign directing me but where it directed me was wrong, so I wandered blind back in the other direction and Kuwaiti Air was right next to the sign that had pointed me elsewhere.

NO ONE was lined up there.

The girl asked if I was going to some city (which she named but I don’t remember it) but of course, I was not. When I declared my intention to go to New York, she seemed shocked and disturbed to hear it. I tried to check one of my empty bags but she said flight was already closed.

I didn’t have the money to get back to more central London. All I had was some American change to get a bus or train to where I’d be staying if I got to New York. And the airport money exchanges won’t touch coins. I didn’t have enough for London Transport even if they did.

“Don’t take anybody after him”.

The words were spoken in a humbly authoritative, accented voice. It seems the flight was closed to bags but open to me. I rushed to the gate where I was promptly delayed for an hour or two. Others were disgruntled but I didn’t mind. There were Chassidic Jews waiting to fly on this Arab airline. The earth was good.

Once in the air, I asked for and received extra food and they poured me a second guava drink without even being asked. The sky was good too.

So, it was a lovely flight. But it would have been hell for Brits as there was no alcohol.

I was headed in the right direction.


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