You Can Find Lessons in Everything

Like, it really annoyed me when, as I was mentally (and maybe openly) mocking the “365 Days of Wisdom” calendar my friend’s mother gave him years ago, the first bit of wisdom I noticed (while trying to avoid it all) was useful.

The wind, the trees, experience, observed experience, the cars, the bugs, the coffee place (only one!), the passersby, that dead guy there, the luncheon plate, the color of the sky can all teach you something, if you listen the right way.

That’s why, last night, I was forced to turn agitatedly toward a pitted brick wall, shouting, “STOP LECTURING ME!!!”



Filed under Gracious Living

4 responses to “You Can Find Lessons in Everything

  1. Alan Kupperberg

    You too?

  2. Funny. Was that it or does it turn into an article?

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