Andrew J. Lederer's BRAND NEW LIFE

After running into her for the first time in almost 8 years, I noticed my left sleeve had been buttoned only to the first button while my right was buttoned tightly to the second. That damned first button allowed the sleeve to hang loosely over the lower portion of my hand.

Why was there a first button at all?

This was not who I needed to be after all this time. She was gone but I could make damn certain any newfound acquaintance or random encounter would not see this aesthetically incompetent wanderer, rather a man with tight and balanced sleeves, a maker of good impressions.

I refastened the sleeve to ensure second button tightness and allure.

Wandering through the Brooklyn Book Fair, I complimented the Borough President and made my good impressions. Afterward, just a touch down Court Street, I noticed my left sleeve hanging over the lower portion…

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