Andrew J. Lederer's BRAND NEW LIFE

True to my word, I stayed in last night and enjoyed a normal evening, so today was just the next day of a continuing thing and not, as it was for some of you, the first day of something new. Matter of fact, some of that continuing thing was Christmas, which I visited in midtown ‘cause, sure as shootin’, it’ll soon be gone.

I mean, I’m not pretending it’s not January 1st or anything (not that’s beyond my capabilities). And I didn’t avoid all New Year’s references last night to protect myself from the mindset of cyclic cessation (though, trust me, I could).

No, a normal night followed by an ordinary morn was enough to halt the mojo of common era resolutionaries who might otherwise plague me. Heck, my normal night was spent, seein’ as you’re askin’, recreating the first New Year I ever stayed up for.

It was as…

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