Andrew J. Lederer's BRAND NEW LIFE

A guy just burst in and excitedly told me his idea to do a remake of a famous movie based on a famous book, using one or two of the stars of today (he may have named both but I only remember one). I told him I had neither seen the film nor read the book. He proceeded to say, “We’d do it the real way. Like in the book.”

I repeated I had not read the book.

“Where the character is [reveals important detail],” he says.

Well, I still haven’t seen the movie or read the fucking book, so I don’t know what you’re talking about but I do know that now maybe I don’t want to see the movie or read the book, having had this point introduced.

And for what? He’s not going to make the fucking movie. He’s just a guy watching a film, summoning a…

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