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Sadly, I am, while delighted in a way, perplexed by the widespread hailing of the president’s second inaugural speech as a landmark of liberal rhetoric. To my thinking, President Obama has always framed his ambitions in a progressive context, while operating with a depressing willingness to compromise beyond reason; to take less even than is possible.

I mean, obviously, I’m not the only one who feels that way. About his actions, I mean. But I haven’t seen others observe that the inaugural language was not out of keeping with his oratorical history. Sure, the words are wonderful, liberal music to our ears. But somehow – and I fear this will happen again – the actions get lost in the mindset and methods of the so-called beltway mentality. I can’t help but wonder if maybe the beltway itself is to blame. Surely, there could not have been a beltway mentality before…

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