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Brooklyn is beautiful in the snow. Especially this part. Loved walking through it tonight.

‘Specially when, hitting a slippery spot, I realized something which had been eluding me for some time … I haven’t fallen on my ass during the winter in 2 years, not since I returned from London.

That’s ’cause in New York, people shovel the snow in front of their houses. In London, they leave it for some government agency to take care of, reps of which will never come, or they throw hot water on it, preferring expedience to the inconvenient truth that this will simply result in a slicker patch of ice. It’s one of the only things that makes me take credibly the conservative American admonition against becoming like “statist Europeans.”

Face it, Britons, you expect someone to take care of things like this; like, you know, snow in front of your house.

Well, there is someone. It’s

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