Andrew J. Lederer's BRAND NEW LIFE

I know your first thought upon hearing Jim Nabors married his longtime partner was the same as mine. “What? Jim Nabors is gay?” followed by a cynical, “He’s probably just pretending to be gay to get back in the public trough.” Then, after the other stages passed, came acceptance and the hope that Jim and his spouse can live happily ever aft.

But I have to ask. Is all of Jim Nabors gay? Even the singing part? ‘Cause that part seems very masculine. One hopes the singing Nabors can be trusted not to wander off in search of nubile Hawaiian hotties while the talking Nabors should be home making dinner for his loving man.

And does it disturb you that, forgotten amidst the wedding hoopla, the media glare, and the Us Magazine helicopters sending revelers’ hair flapping is the man who, but for the social environment of the time, would…

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