Andrew J. Lederer's BRAND NEW LIFE

I’m tryin’ my damnedest to do life-embracing things, since I do, you know, in my mind, even if my circumstances, geographic location, and sense of futility thwart the practice. That’s what the trip to DC to drop off my niece was about. I went along for the ride even though we were coming right back because it was getting out there. And wouldn’tja know? The Great Cupcake Adventure unexpectedly ensued.

Similarly, I went to the synagogue last Friday, though I was right and all the women were all wives and mothers; if one wasn’t I didn’t know. The rabbi wasn’t as hot as I thought, not in her Wonder Woman costume anyway, which revealed her “angel wings” (I don’t always dislike them), that were otherwise appropriate enough.

So, I flirted with a dark, compelling married woman sitting beside her son and husband, which went over slightly better than you might expect…

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